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RIDE OUT:  get that 'top-of-the-world' feeling at Spire Café!

2018 July Breeze riders al fresco!.jpg

Spire Café on Strava

Photo: Breeze Cycling NW London

At Spire Café w're always happy to see pedal-powered people! Our cycling community ranges from youngsters out for the first time without stabilisers, to hill-climbing addicts with a beady eye on the top spot on Strava's "Spire Climb" segment.

For many individuals and groups, Spire Café is now firmly "on the map"; including the wonderfully friendly Breeze Cycling's NW London group (see above, enjoying February sunshine on one of their regular rides for women.)

Many cycle riders - including some of our own Spire Café team - love to test themselves against the gradients of Harrow Hill.
A quick look on Strava shows the toughest segments. Waldron Road is one of our favourites; a flat-out sprint climb with an average gradient of 13%. Our own Spire Climb challenge runs from the foot of West Street up to St Mary's lych gate at the top of Church Hill.

Fancy yourself as King or Queen of this mountain? Check out Spire Café's Strava club (there is free cake for winners of our monthly challenges!)

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